Lonely Planet London City Guide (2010) Recommended Reading: ‘An excellent picture – both real and remembered; of what Shoreditch looked and felt like before its regeneration.’

Hackney Gazette ( February 2010): ‘ A couple of women with a passion for local history have written a book about ‘quirky’ Shoreditch. The Shoreditch Tales uses memories and historical records to tell humorous and moving tales of everyday life in Shoreditch over the last century.’

Hackney Citizen (Winter 2009): ‘The carefully chosen photographs and illustrations add to the sense of being there as the clock hands roll and roll, and the vivid first-hand descriptions of toy stores and pawn shops and markets and milk men are excellently transcribed onto the page. Their work is an honest, unpretentious folk history crammed with local voices and faces and products.’


Hackney Citizen (November 2017): ‘The Lower Clapton Tales is a charming book of memories, photographs and historical artefacts which give readers a real flavour of Lower Clapton’s past.  The book fleshes out the history of south Hackney, and provides a welcome hand-hold at a time when when everything seems temporary, shallow and changing at the speed of a WiFi connection.


Lonely Planet London 2020 edition: ‘Pick up a copy of the London Canal Museum’s newly published The East End Canal Tales by Carolyn Clark to sail through the canal’s and its industries’ fascinating history, meeting a colourful cast of characters who lived and worked on them along the way. Bon voyage!’

Hackney Citizen (April 2020): Times have changed, but the legacy of canal life is still with us in the built landscape and waterways themselves. Clark’s account offers a rare glimpse of a bygone world that shaped East London.